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                            We have a HUGE SELECTION of Belts and Buckles.
              From copper patina and brass to our stylish Sierra Silver Collection,
                           we have the perfect buckle to accentuate any belt!

TIP - When finishing the edge of a belt, first remove the sharp corner
                             with an edge beveler.  Then, apply Gum Tragacanth and rub briskly
                           with circle edge slicker.  The Gum Tragacanth will not only prepare the
                            edge for burnishing, it will also help preserve the burnished finish.  A
                                          final finish of an edge coat will further protect the edge.

                        Call or Email for our FULL COLOR CATALOG!!!

                       Embossed Belt Blanks - No tooling required, just trim and finish!
                             Our belt blanks are pre-cut from quality carving cowhideand are deeply
                             embossed with finely detailed designs.  All you do is trim the strips to
                             the desired length, punch the sizing holes, dye and finish, then add your
                             favorite buckle or buckle set. Snaps are pre-set and buckle slots are