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               History comes alive with our Native American selection!   What a great way
              to introduce a child to the enchantment of a bygone era.   Chosen for value
              and authenticity, these items are educational and sure to create life-long
              memories.  Of course, we supply adult projects,too, for the dedicated as
               well as the casual heritage buff, including many how-to books and patterns.

             We can also supply projects, crafts and leather supplies to youth groups              
             including schools, Church groups, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts!


                     Necklace kits of all styles!           Headbands, Arm bands and Bells!

             Adult and Youth Vest Kits                                 Headdresses and Teepee Kits

                     Tomahawk, Teepee Bank, Skin Frame and Mandella Kits

          We also have a full selection of feathers, bear & eagle claws and arrowheads!!!

          Email us HERE to order our FULL-COLOR catalog!
                                    (Catalog only $5, refunded with first order of $20 or more)